Welcome to Westport Strategy!

Westport Strategy is a consulting firm that is dedicated to providing clients creative insights and actionable plans on how to grow faster and become more profitable.

We work collaboratively with leaders of large and mid-size businesses to help them address their challenges and opportunities at the segment, business and enterprise level.

We bring a combination of proven planning models, tools to gather and mine market intelligence and analytic rigor.   We possess deep expertise in statistics, finance and strategy development and execution.

We have a broad base of experience across business models and industries including Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Business Services and Health Care.

Our belief is the more robust the intelligence about customer behavior and competitive performance a business possesses, the greater the opportunity it has to succeed.   We work collaboratively with business teams to generate hypotheses and options on where and how to play.  We aren’t afraid to ask the tough, provocative questions.   We help our clients sort through how to make the trade-offs to optimally allocate resources among competing alternatives.

Once the strategy is defined, we make sure there is a robust communications, change management and implementation plan that has a high probability of success.